An initial pyschiatric evaluation is required for all new patients.  However, Quotient testing can be scheduled as a stand-alone service.

Practice Policies, Services Provided and Quotient Testing Information

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Before an initial evaluation appointment, we ask that all patients (or their legal guardians) sign a Consent to Treatment Form.  For child evaluations, we also ask that parents complete a questionnaire.  These forms are available here.  Please print them, complete them and bring them with you to the initial appointment.  Thank you.


For those 19 and above, a one-hour initial evaluation appointment can be scheduled with Dr. Naser or Ms. Weissflog.

This session involves information and history gathering, diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning.  Practitioners reserve the right to alter or adjust the timeframe and expense of these evaluations based on the number of participants in the session or other factors.  Any changes of this nature will be discussed prior to the appointment.

NOTE:  Psychiatric written evaluations are lengthy documents that follow a precise, standardized format.  Written reports will be considered on a case-by-case basis, for an additional fee.  

practice Policies

Our practice is a fee-for-service practice.  We do not accept insurance, but do provide statements that you may submit to your health insurance plan for reimbursement.  

Payment is expected at the time of service.  Cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.  If payment is not provided at the time of service, a billing fee will be added.

Reminder calls, texts or emails are made 2 business days prior to the appointment.  Full payment is expected for missed appointments or cancellations with less than one business day's notice.

 Our administrative staff would be happy to schedule an appointment for you or your family, and can provide

 the current fees for appointments and Quotient testing.

For those 21 and under, there are two options.  The first involves a two-hour appointment -- the first hour is with our pediatric nurse practitioner, Terry Peura

and focuses on information gathering and history, and is immediately followed by

a second hour with Dr. Naser for a detailed assessment and treatment plan.

The second option involves a 90-minute session exclusively with one of our nurse practitioners, during which a diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan are completed.

It is the parents' choice which type of evaluation they would prefer for their child.

Please note that both parents are requested to be present at the initial appointment.  

If parents are divorced or separated, we require signed consent from both parents before the appointment may be scheduled.


Medication Management

Medication management sessions are follow-up appointments, scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes, to assess ongoing symptomatology and day-to-day functioning.  In addition, medication benefits and side effects are reviewed and adjusted. Mr. Peura sees patients under the age of 21.  Dr. Naser and Ms. Weissflog see patients of all ages.  


While therapy is not the primary focus of the practice, each clinician has limited availability to provide therapy sessions at their discretion.  Therapists within the building can also be contacted directly for these services.  We also collaborate with a variety of therapists in the community and are happy to provide referrals.


Quotient Testing

The Quotient ADHD Test is a specially-designed computer test to help guide

the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have either been formally

diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or seem to have

trouble focusing and are excessively active or impulsive.  It can provide

objective and accurate data, and is suitable for both children and adults.

The test involves sitting in front of a computer screen and responding to

symbols that appear on the screen, while the system collects data.  

The Quotient ADHD Test lasts 15 minutes for children, and 20 minutes for

teens and adults.

The system accurately measures micro-motion and anaylzes shifts in attention

to give a clearer picture of the core symptom areas of ADHD:  inattention (difficulty in staying focused and on task), hyperactivity (the inability to control movement and sit still while working), and impulsivity (the inability to inhibit

inappropriate responses).

We schedule this testing for active patients, or for those outside our practice who are looking to take the first step in evaluating their or their childrens' ADHD symptoms.  A copy of the testing results is provided at your request.

Please call our office to schedule a testing appointment.